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We've Changed Recurring Payments

Direct Debits, repeating payments, subscriptions or scheduled payments - call them what you will - they are very handy for businesses and for customers but can be time-consuming to manage. Paypa Plane has been created to alleviate the numerous pitfalls that come with processing and managing these payments for both businesses and their customers.

Reduce missed payments and forge stronger customer relationships using Paypa Plane.

Customer self-serve

Our customer account app allows your customers to keep track of their payments, update their payment details and even move the date of their next payment a few days (if you allow this feature). This means much less admin for you, reduced missed payments and happier customers!

Cash flow actually flowing

If a payment is declined, your customer receives a message and a Grace Period window to make it up before a late fee is applied. This means your customer feels good about your service and your cash flow is back on track very quickly!

Security and Compliance 

Each payment agreement is captured on your customer's device. This is the most secure, compliant and efficient way to set up an agreement (and no work for you!) All payment details and payment forms are captured and stored to the highest standards without you having to even think about it.

Transparency and Trust

Recurring payments form the backbone of your relationship with your customers. We respect that by ensuring that your customers are informed and can self-manage aspects of their payments. For you, this means happier customers and a stronger business! 

Stay Up-To-Date Wherever You Work

Paypa Plane's business dashboard keeps you up-to-date with your cashflow and customer accounts. You can track payments, predict cashflow, monitor customer on-boarding and accounts and so much more. You can even send payment requests to customers on the go from your mobile phone.


Highest payment success rate!

In the first  72 hours

Paypa Plane's customer app allows your customers to self manage their payments to prevent a decline and then carries them through an immediate recovery process if a payment is declined. These functions working together means our rate of successful payment capture is the best around!


Captured within 72 hours of due date

Why Choose Paypa Plane?

Do Less Admin

More Successful Transactions

Happier Customers

Easy To Use

Pay Less in Fees

Digitise Your Process

Talk Paypa Plane For Your Business

The Customer Mobile App

We have created a digital home for recurring payments where payment schedule, history and agreements can be viewed, payment details updated and payment dates managed (where allowed). Push notifications inform customers of any payment errors and provide an immediate way to resolve them to help prevent late payments and higher fees. Biometric login keeps the account secure as well as allowing for quick and easy access.

Get the native experience


What App Users Have To Say


I'm not that digital but found using the app to setup my payment easy and it looks pretty nice too.


It's great for tracking when I have a payment due but also when I miss a payment it tells me!


I joined my local gym and was setup within under a minute. It's actually really handy to have.

Help Center

If you are a Business and have paying customers or you are a paying customer to one of those businesses then we hopefully have all the resources you require. 

Merchant Support

For help using your Dashboard to generate Payment Requests or anything in fact. Hopefully we have what you need here. 

Merchant FAQ's

Payments Customer Support

Our mobile App (or browser client) handles everything you'll need to do to keep your payments up-to-date or resolve payment issues.

Customer FAQ's


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