The evolution of scheduled payments has landed.


Old-style direct debits are costing thousands in time wasted and sneaky fees. They're also impossible for customers to manage.

Paypa Plane has this solved

So lets start with the problem

Your old direct debits are not great. How do you know when your payments are coming out? What if you cancel your credit card or change bank account? What if you need to move your payment a couple of days?

  • Phonecalls
  • Hold music
  • Time wasted
  • And excessive late fees

Paypa Plane offers a solution

We invite you onboard and allow you to view and manage your payment schedule, make changes (like new credit card or bank account). We make payments more secure and generally behave like considerate people.

Finally an end to:

  • Phonecalls
  • Hold music
  • And time wasted

& Most of all avoid paying late fees!

How does it actually work though?
We're glad you asked...

You receive a text message from your gym, car lease, whoever you have a direct debit agreement with.

Next you confirm your identity and the transaction details are both correct.

You add your payment details.

And you're done! From there you can simply review, update, manage...whatever, whenever you want!

& for your business

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes - from 3 clients to billions - and do all sorts of things - from acrobatic instructing to zeppelin touring.

We are happy to say Paypa Plane works for all!

  • Less declined payments
  • API integration and onboarding support
  • Happier customers
  • Transparent & kinder fees
Paypa Plane

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